The Green Hornet Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: At one point, the Daily Sentinel staff mentions a rogue vehicle lunching a rocket missile at a video camera on the streets. This event however happens later on in the film. (Judging by Britt’s reaction, it was the first time he witnessed the car lunching a missile to a CCTV). Thus, the staff mentions an act done by the Green Hornet in the future. The Green Hornet is now a sci-fi film.

Plot contrivance: When Kaito saves Britt from a couple of thugs right after they decapitated James Reid’s iron statue, he punches a man through a car lateral glass window……from the other side of the car. Which means that he stretched his arm to be around 2 meters long and somehow made no sound when he destroyed the first lateral glass window before hitting the second window and the thug.

Plot contrivance: Britt and Kaito are stuck in their car underneath a couple meters of sand and debris. In order to escape, they create a massive explosion that lifts all the soil over them and the heavy bulldozer on top of it. The explosion and heat however does not damage any of them who were basically right beside the explosion’s source.

Plot contrivance: At the end of the movie, Britt fakes to be shot by Kaito in front of the press so that he can have a legitimate excuse to be treated by surgeons to remove the bullet he got in the big brawl the night before. Although a sophisticated plan, it assumes that trained surgeons won’t be able to recognize that the bullet wound is not fresh and has not in fact being infecting the shoulder for a whole night.

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