The Flintstones Plot holes (By Locuas)

Major Plot hole: The villain’s plan was basically to promote someone as Vice-President to then use as a scapegoat to fire all workers and make a profit. Okay, looks legit so far. But why exactly do you promote the guy that just got the highest rank in an intelligence test, which should alert you that he could be able to discover the whole nefarious scheme? Wouldn’t have made more sense to pick the one with the lowest result, and make him fire the smart ones?

The only reason the villain’s plan almost succeeded is because of the pure circumstantial fact that Barney switched his test results with Fred – something he could obviously not anticipate. The question then needs to be asked: Who is the dumbest? Fred Flintstones or the retarded villain who didn’t think about his plan for more than 5 seconds?

Major Plot hole: Children usually need to be rescued at the end of a film. But if there is one kid who would never be in need of rescuing – it’s Bam-Bam. The blonde kid throws baseballs like a rocket-launcher, tosses his father around with ease and can lift cars over his head. Why was he unable to break a single rope to free himself form the deadly construction machines? And more importantly, how the hell did this kid get kidnapped in the first place? Silent T-Rex kid-snatchers? Yeah that’s right. Didn’t think so.

Plot contrivance: Even tough he knew the truth, had free will and a virtuous mind, the recording bird doesn’t seem to care all that much by the fact that someone just confessed he was committing a crime until Wilma begged him for help.

Plot contrivance: When Wilma starts throwing things after Fred insulted their friends, she destroys the television…and the sparks that appear next shows that it used electricity.

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