The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Plot holes (By David Palmer)

Minor Plot hole: Wi-fi was not strong enough in 2000 to stream information from a plane, so sorry, Richard, but it looks like you’re taking all that information about OsCorp to your grave.

Minor Plot hole: Not a single of the thousands of pointless extras who decided to look closely at a mutated freak of nature fight a transformer robot that plans to kill them decided to fucking leave the scene the moment a Russian retard shows-up in a mech-suit. Good thing the missiles deflected by Spider-Man exploded (luckily!) meters away from them. Those bystanders have serious balls of steel.

Minor Plot Hole: Sticking with Rhino, that hammy, lovable Russian, apparently, in Spider-Man’s universe, cops are too busy sending 47 cop cars after one truck to put down road blocks. Or spikes. Or shooting out the tires. Oh, and I know I’m the hundredth person to bring this up, but Rhino has no importance to the story except being a cocktease for Sinister Six.

Minor Plot Hole: When Electro knocks out the power of the airport, the staff can’t make contact with the two planes and the movie wants us to think that they’re actually going to pull a Breaking Bad and have a mid-air collision. However this would never be possible. Airports (and hospitals, for that matter) have backup generators that are completely off of the main grid, and thus would not be at threat when the rest of the city lost power. Nothing was mentioned in the script about backup generators failing – ergo: the scene is pure shit.

And by the way, commercial planes wouldn’t be able to adjust that quickly at that steep of an angle in order to avoid each other, only military jets can do that. So I guess the planes would have softly kissed at 600mph anyway.

Major Plot hole: Electro’s story makes no sense. He goes from an unrealistically social rejected nerd to cold hearted villain; all because he survived a hilariously awful eel accident and Spider-Man forgot his name. Really? New York City has 8.3 million people, Max. Like, sorry, but I wouldn’t remember your name if I was the guy whose job it was to write it on your coffee cup. Also I wasn’t aware getting massively electrocuted fixes the gap in your teeth. And where, in the actual Hell, did Electro find that suit that perfectly adapted to his powers? What is this? “Man of Steel”?

Major Plot hole: How would leaving young Peter Parker in his home protect him from the evilness of Oscorp? If Richard Parker and his wife succeeded in escaping – what would happen with their son? Would Oscorp let him be? They would probably capture him considering they were trying to kill their parents a few hours ago. And if the spider super-powers can only work with Parker’s DNA, would leaving your son behind destroy your plan and consolidate the inevitable conclusion that your only son will become a ginea pig in a dark and cold experiment room? God that’s stupid coming from a super-scientist. Or maybe he really hated his son.

Plot contrivance: Rhino must live in Raimi’s sympathetic villain universe, because instead of launching rockets and missiles and brutally killing everyone, he sat there and waited while Spider-Man was talking to the kid (which was stupid and cheesy but that’s not what we’re mocking here).

Plot contrivance: If you hop on a glider, a new technological wonder that straps your two feet to a metal-green-bat-looking-thingy and pushes you around the sky at incredible speed and acceleration – it only takes NO MOMENT AT ALL to learn how to fly it. Harry turned meth head goblin just put his 2 feet on the glider and was already an expert because.

Plot contrivance: Spider-Man keeps a cellphone on himself in case his girlfriend calls and he stores it somewhere on his skintight suit which we never see. So his cellphone is clearly in his ass. And why would you answer your cellphone to talk to your girlfriend while a Russian-maniac is driving around town with plutonium in its trunk and killing dozens of cops and bystanders? Are you that pussy whipped?

Plot contrivance: Gwen Stacey, an 18-year old girl knows everything about New York power-grids because she is required to be of some assistance to Spider-Man while he fights an electricity god. Do you know many 18 year olds who are knowledgeable about the power-grid of your city? Let alone know where to find it.

Plot contrivance: A Victorian clock-tower is right beside New York’s power grid because if there is one place where a city needs a Victorian clock-tower its right beside a power plant where no one can read the fucking clock. Or the script needed 2 different boss stages right beside each other for Act 3. Man that script is stupid.

Unaddressed Issue: A valedictorian speech about the inevitability and proximity of death to an audience of 22-year olds, their rejoicing families and their student-debt titan overlords is a weird choice. Obviously the speech fits well at the end of the movie when Gwen Stacey is dead and is played back to Peter but why make the graduation so dark for everyone Gwen? Great foreshadowing though, you could only be clearer if you finished with: ‘’Thank you, I’m gon dy soon now.’’

Unaddressed Issue: Electro gets his superpowers from electric eels that live in water but Electro’s weakness is water. Sure. Whatever.

Unaddressed Issue: How was Electro captured by Oscorp considering the fact the he was surrounded by dozens of cops in Times Square? Does Oscorp own the cops? Was that scene cut from the final cut? Might be in the garbage bin beside the 30 minutes’ worth of Mary Jane scenes they cut from the film halfway in post-production.

Unaddressed Issue: How was Richard Parker able to build a hidden subway car inside an abandoned subway tunnel without anyone noticing? How did he put it there? Why did he put it there? After all, Peter found your subway car only to see a small video of you on a computer that was waiting just for him for 14 years! You could have left a USB card in the fruit basket of the kitchen and he would have learned a lot earlier Richard.

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