Pulp Fiction Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Imagine you live in a small apartment. You are in your even smaller bathroom and there is absolutely nothing to hear apart from the melody of your spectacular shit. Suddenly! A man violates the privacy of your cave of depression by breaking down the door, walking around your kitchen and even starting the toaster. Would you hear him? Yes – off course you would. But Vincent Vega is not like us. He came out of a small apartment bathroom and was surprised to find Butch in front of him with a weapon. He got shot and deserved it.

Tarantino fanboys: Dude! Vincent wasn’t surprised that someone was in the apartment. He was surprised that it wasn’t Marcellus – who left a few minutes earlier to buy a snack (as shown later when Butch encounters him on the street). When he heard butch enter the apartment and go in the kitchen – he simply assumed it was Marcellus. You suck.
MPH: So why would Marcellus explode the apartment’s door if he was simply coming back? Either way, Vincent would have heard the suspicious sound and figured it wasn’t friendly.
Tarantino fanboys: God dammit !

Plot contrivance: In the post Royale-with-cheese scene, Vince and Jules enter Brett’s apartment to retrieve a briefcase. They shout and shoot at everyone over a period of 10 minutes and not a single cop ever decides to show up. It is important to note that the first poor guy to get shot on the sofa was killed relatively early in the encounter. The sound was loud and clear – probably echoing in all adjacent homes. Are we to believe this shitty apartment block is equipped with top-notch sound-muting wall technology? Maybe that’s why Brett and his crew did not hear Jules and Vince have an argument about feet massage right in front of their door before entering.

Unaddressed Issue: The Wolf takes a lot of his precious time to explain how it is important for Vince and Jules to minimize the amount of attention they could get from the cops on their way to the junkyard: washing the car, changing clothes, etc. But the whole operation of sneakiness is pulverized the second they leave¬† in two cars driving at 200 miles/hour. If the cops didn’t mind their F1 speed in the city, would they start to give a shit¬† if there was blood on the rear window? Could they even see the details of the window at that speed?

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