Jurassic Park Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: When Grant and Tim are both stuck in a huge tree, the car above them is about to fall. Their solution ? The most logic and natural thing to do: move on the sides left or right in order to be out of the way of…..oh wait…..sorry. They didn’t do that. When they realized the car was starting to fall on them, they started to race it in the same downward path ! It seems that both of their heads were working inside a 2D-computer game.

Minor Plot hole: Right before the scene exposed in the first plot hole, the T-Rex is seen to escape from his habitat by removing the unpowered electrical cables and walking towards the road. But later, the flat terrain he walked on transformed as he is able to push a car down a huge crevasse that wasn’t there when he went through the fences. In fact, the crevasse is so big that it would have been impossible for the T-Rex to reach or even see the fences.

Minor Plot hole: At the end of the movie, the heroes are saved by a benevolent ninja T-Rex. Up to that point, a T-Rex’s presence was always detected in advance because of his weight and the shocks he produced by walking with his powerful legs. But in that scene, not only did he make no sound until he was right beside all humans and raptors…..he was also nice enough to teleport himself inside the Jurassic Park lobby in order to not cause any property damages….except for his ancestors bones.

Major Plot hole: Lex Murphy is either a retard or a genius, but the movie does not want to take a stand. Indeed, Lex is able to reconfigure Jurassic Park’s whole computer programs in a mere 30 seconds with the above-average external pressure of having raptors trying to enter the control room and inducing an harmonized Gregorian chant of death screams.

BUT…..she doesn’t know how to turn off a flashlight. Even if the mechanism of a flashlight usually includes the difficulty level of having ONE button or that pushing it against a wall would hide the emitted light, Lex is unable to stop flashing a pissed-off T-REX in his eyes.

Major Plot hole: Nedry is the computer-expert of Jurassic Park. He has been there for months¬† if not years. In his escape plan, he did not close the security system of the raptors because he knew how dangerous they were. This clearly shows that he knew the dinosaurs. But then, after his minor car accident, Nerdy comes face to face with a Dilophosaurus…..and he doesn’t start running away. Because in the movie, the audience is introduced to the Dilophosaurus through the eyes of Nedry…..but Nedry saw them before, he has been working in Jurassic Park for quite a while, he knows which dinosaurs are dangerous, spit venom, etc. Why¬† are you trying to play fetch with a carnivorous dinosaur ? Run !

Plot contrivance: In Jurassic Park, there is an under-abundance of locks. Car doors cannot be locked….because that would make no sense to make it impossible for children to get too close to the electric fences and/or dinosaurs that can spit venom in their eyes. Likewise, all important facility doors cannot be locked manually and require electricity. So when a big storm hits the tropical Island, nothing can be locked.

Plot contrivance: In Jurassic Park, there is an over-abundance of harnesses. Raptors feed on cows that are lowered down inside their cage in a harness. Every time they are done with their meal, a new harness has to be attached to the rope because the old one has been pulverized. Could they have used some of their harness budget for some locks ?

Plot contrivance: When Lex Murphy is trying to set the locks for the door when the raptors are coming in, Alan and Ellie are holding the door and Ellie cant reach the shotgun. Tim however is just sitting next to Lex, like a dumb-ass, helping her sister by pounding the chair and acting nervous. He could have simply handed the shotgun to Ellie and killed the raptor.

Unaddressed Issue: John Hammond mentions that his park will not only be for the rich but for everyone. Still, his park is located on a tropical Island only reachable by helicopters or boats. So unless the government starts to inject serious money into ‘going to see dinosaurs in unsecured cars’ as a form of public good, it will be hard for mister middle-class to bring his family to see some dinosaurs.

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