Guardians of the Galaxy Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: In the Prologue, young Peter Quill gets abducted by aliens on a loud spaceship right beside a hospital. The spaceship has big reactors and is louder than your mom on Valentine’s Day and yet no one heard the giant metal mess tear through the sky and stop right beside a busy hospital.

Minor Plot hole: Gamora is a modified weapon of war that kicks ass in all her scenes…except for that one time where she gets subdued by 2 average dudes in a prison because Star-Lord requires a scene where he saves her.

Minor Plot hole:
The Collector: Instead of paying you for the orb and tell you to fuck-off, I will instead spend the next 5 minutes info-dumping everything that is known about the infinity stones – including the important and crucial detail that unless you are a super-being, trying to hold one of these stones in your hands will kill you.
Pink Slave Girl: That’s my cue. (Touches stone and dies).
The Collector: Why did you do that? You wanted to kill yourself? If that’s the case you could have done it a lot earlier at any time. Why did you specifically decided to die by touching the stone? Was it to foreshadow the ending scene? Did the screenwriter take control of your mind to make you act in a way that made no sense?

Minor Plot hole: Gamora gets her small ship pulverized in space by her sister Nebula and she has absolutely no physical injuries apart from the fact that she fainted. Sure – whatever.

Minor Plot hole: Star-Lord makes a dramatic speech where he asks his friends ‘’to give a shit’’ in order to beat Ronan at the end of the movie. Everyone gets on-board but it doesn’t make sense for Drax because he is supposed to always take things literally. If he agreed ‘’to give a shit’’ we should have seen him lower his pants, squat, and shit in Star-Lord’s hand in order to give him a shit. I mean, you can’t have a species that is literal 100% of the time except when you don’t want them to.

Minor Plot hole: How did Xandar let the Dark Aster enter their sky without doing anything? Why not send a few nukes in space at the ship? Why not send their thousands of spaceship to fight the Dark Aster in space instead of right over their densely populated cities?
Answer: Because the filmmakers wanted Act 3 to be in day-light as Act 2 was already all in space.

Minor Plot hole: Drax rockets Nebula to pieces saying that no one insults his friends. The guardians then leave the room but Nebula reconstructs herself and stops Gamora from activating the switch to open a door for the other Guardians. Ok. If the switch was beside Nebula who they thought was dead – it means the switch was in the same room that Drax used the rocket launcher to attack her. Which means the switch to open the door was in front of them the whole time. Which means there was no point for the other Guardians to leave the room and wait for Gamora to open the door as the switch was in front of them the whole time.
Even worse than this: When Gamora finally defeats Nebula and activates the switch to open the door – she blasts the ceiling and jump-up to join her team; which means opening the door was pointless to begin with as they could have simply rocketed their way-up the spaceship by destroying the floors.

Plot contrivance: Drax gets drunk in Knowhere so obviously he contacts Ronan to challenge him to a fight, because you know, no matter what happens Drax is still going to die because either Ronan will kill him or his entire armada behind him will if he somehow gets defeated. The fact that Drax was drunk and pissed-off doesn’t make this a plot hole – but it is still the most retarded character action in the movie.

Plot contrivance: The Dark Aster needs to land on Xandar so that Ronan can smash his hammer to the ground to destroy it. Any place on the planet works fine. But somehow – the dark Aster enters the atmosphere at exactly the same spot we saw earlier in the movie instead of any other billions of spots available to land on the planet.

Plot contrivance: Yondu whistles his arrow around a battlefield to kill a dozen guards and the whole ordeal lasts about 10 seconds. During that time-frame – not a single armed soldier decided it might be a good idea to shoot the damn blue whistling dude in the mouth.

Unaddressed Issue: Why wasn’t the orb collected earlier? If it was so important to so many people why did everyone wait until the beginning of the movie to do it? It’s not like the damn thing was hard to get anyway; Star-Lord just had to kick a few annoying lizards and open ONE door and he had the orb. (At least Indiana Jones had to deal with traps and riddles for his artifacts). Funny that the one stone that can destroy planets in mere seconds is in the sci-fi equivalent of an abandoned warehouse.

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