Contagion Plot holes

Major Plot hole: Early on, it is shown that Matt Damon is simply immune to the crazy killer virus. But obviously, NO ONE will take a look at his blood and antibodies that make him immune to it. At first, the possibility is hand-waved away because it is said to be expansive and time-consuming.

But I don’t know. When you have an epidemic that kills millions of people, spreads economic and physical chaos around the world, and last for 144 days – you would think someone, anyone, would stand up and say: ” Do you guys think it is a good time to check-on that guy who is naturally immune to the thing that instantly transforms our organs into liquid shit? I think we have enough room in our multi-billion dollar budget to take care of that.

Unaddressed Issue: Anything that has to do with Marion Cottillard. It’s like they lost 3 film reels with her scenes in it and assumed that the audience would think her ending story is ”open-ended”. Pure genius Soderbergh!

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