Black Panther plot holes

The main plot hole of the film is the fact that movie creators didn’t answer viewers how Wakanda has been staying undetected by satellites, tourists

The Thing Plot holes

Major Plot Hole: The creatures called “the Things” are killed by burning them with flamethrowers. Despite the fact that almost the whole team consists of

Saw Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: According to the film scenario, Jigsaw was lying on the floor without motions for about 1.5 hours. However, the narrative stated that

The Village Plot Holes

Major plot hole: The whole village that was initially shown as an 18th-century American colony actually exists in the 2000s in a Pennsylvania state forest

Commando Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: Matrix, the main hero, dropped from an aircraft during the takeoff. Taking into account the fact that the aircraft must have been