Battle: Los Angeles Plot holes

Minor Plot hole: Michelle Rodriguez did not die in this film.

Minor Plot hole: The giant control center (see poster) that operates all the alien drones in Los Angeles is buried underground….with the streets above it almost undamaged. How could the Aliens bury this huge device without destroying the ground surface ? And how could they even fit the thing in the Los Angeles sewers? Does it make sense? No. Invading Aliens never make sense in movies.

Plot contrivance: Michelle Rodriguez’s character is thrown off a bus by another soldier who sacrifices his life to save her. She said she could not move because she was stuck….stuck on the top of a bus…..a flat and non-sticky surface. The fact that she was also a strong soldier makes the whole contrivance even more embarrassing.

Plot contrivance: Aaron Eckhart’s character dissects an Alien for 20 minutes to find its weak spot in order to help them fight better those Alien enemies that they have been able to successfully kill so far. His discovery: they need to continue shooting them in the chest. Your Obvious Award is in the mail soldier.

Plot contrivance: The aliens chose to harvest water fromĀ Earth, a planet populated by an intelligent species that would naturally put up a fight, rather than a comet or Saturn’s moon Titan, which are made largely of water ice and is presumably uninhabited. Good job Aliens! (By C. Shulz)

Unaddressed Issue: In the first fight sequence with the Aliens, U.S marines are shown to be dragged-off by the invaders when they are separated from their other comrades. The aliens however never do it again nor is it ever explained why they did it in the first place.

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