Gravity Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: The orbital altitude of an object depends on its speed. When its speed slows down, its orbit degrades, which results into reduction

Armageddon Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: NASA described the asteroid to be the size of Texas (which is about 250 square miles). Such asteroid would have killed all

Skyfall Plot Holes

Major Plot Hole: In fact, villain’s plan shouldn’t have worked. Everything went ideally according to his plan, exactly the way he needed it to, and

Die Hard Plot Holes

Major plot hole: What terrorists plan to do is to make FBI agents treat the takeover of the Nakatomi Building as a hostage crisis and

Sinister Plot Holes

Major plot hole: When the Deputy reveals the series of interconnected serial murders, he doesn’t inform about it neither the FBI, nor his sheriff or

Black Panther plot holes

The main plot hole of the film is the fact that movie creators didn’t answer viewers how Wakanda has been staying undetected by satellites, tourists